I'm Charlie Tapster

Print & Web Designer

Studying Digital Media Production at Sheffield Hallam University. I'm currently looking for full-time employment in the Manchester area, following my graduation in June/July 2014.


Web Design / Wordpress

A re-design of Sheffield Hallam’s undergraduate research journal archive. I’ll also be using this project as the subject of my final year research essay at university. Progress for this project is at this blog:

This project is not finished yet, visit the progress blog to see how far I am with it.

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For my final year project I’ll be developing a WordPress theme, my progress can be followed at the blog:
Level_Up Development Blog
A version of the theme will be available at this page: nervewax.com/level_up
HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, php, WordPress and general design with Photoshop!

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This project was a web design done while on an internship for a marketing agency, Fluent Communication in Sheffield. The project involved building the site from scratch to a brief and throughout the project I had regular discussions with the client, making changes when needed.

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A dynamic fan website, built using a combination of jQuery, CSS and HTML. The website has been released to coincide with the fan news twitter @justiceelectro reaching 10k followers! Let me know what you think or sign up on the forums if you’re a fan.

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Poster Design

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